A few essays on Mo Yan

I recently read this brief interview with Brendan O’Kane (“Why I’m leaving China: parting words from Brendan O’Kane”, The Anthill, 26 July 2013), wherein he mentions how Mo Yan’s prose is “neither fully vernacular, in the way that Wang Shuo is, nor literary in the way that Eileen Chang is”, which prompted me to read the surprisingly active English-language critical discourse around Mo Yan’s work when he won the Nobel Prize for Literature:

I myself have barely read any Mo Yan; I started his first and most famous novel, Red sorghum clan (紅高粱家族) but was unable to get more than a few dozen pages in before I lost interest—largely because of this exact issue with his language.

Also worth reading is this interview, again with O’Kane, on the Los Angeles Review of Books China blog:

August 2021