Words from Blood Meridian

Some words from chapter I: affray, stoke, scullery, hewer, Leonids, bolls, harrow, rainblown, bottomland, flatboat, boatswain, coastwise, lighter, chattels, bight, rookeries, newsawn (newly sawn), parricide, causeway, republic of Fredonia, Nacogdoches, bathless (unclean), walleyed, slicker (raincoat), crateboard, guyropes, teamster, batboard (batten), jakes, crabwise, bowieknife, shellalegh, dramshop, wainscotted, spittoon, lambaste, tackroom, unstall (lead out from a stall), hackamore.

Chapter II: swale, hobbled, raggedyman (scarecrow), spire (of smoke), anchorite, groundsloth, possibles, tailorwise, beset (by thieves), hunkered, “drygulch phantom”, thunderheads, fluepipe, snuffle, rangy, hornspreads, pilotbread, Abilene, Bexar, flapjacks, greenriver knife, cottonwoods, osnaburg, reefs (of clouds), nighthawks, carbolic, hitchingrail, portico, flatcrowned hats, blueblack, scuffling of chairs, bungstarter, frizzen, roadagent’s pass (see road agent’s spin), chancel, sacristy, cookfires, yardfowl, chittered, leadmarks.

III. twinehandled, Mexer (Mexican person), plug hat, plumb in under, Lazarus, halms, stockingfooted, wattled huts, squalid, deathbells, trundlecarts, wickercovered, settle, scantlin[g], Volunteers at Monterrey, Colonel Doniphan, Paredes, Colonel Carrasco, Guaymas, benighted, Governor Burnett, mollycoddles, hindsides, Monroe Doctrine, bobtails, wickiups, pesthole, skittered, Karankawas, course, gaminghouses, gamechickens, accoutred, the Laredito, gamecocks, forgefire, tottered, ramada, cantina, Mennonite, weskit, monte games, rueful, filibuster, enshadowed.

IV. manada, Castroville, Frio River, Nueces, buckbrush, pricklypear, Wesson rifle, threaded boss, vernier sight, tang, micrometer, skinners, smallbore fiveshot Colt’s revolvers, dragoon, livery, buckskin, forestock, mesquite, welter, ribracks (ribcages), raillery, truculent, commissary, wry, bladebones, meatscraps, loomshafts, mortices, suncracked, felloes, sidewinder, duledge, panniers, packsaddles, Anareta, cordilleras, jornadas, polestar, astrolabes, sheetlightning, jacal, purlieus, bistre, sotols, windings (of cotton), bivouacked, farrier, razorous, canted, rebate, particolored, kerfs, traprock, anticlines, treeboles, seeps, trapdykes, glassed (looked through a telescope), stockthieves (thieves of livestock), slatribbed, malletshaped, drovers, unshod, quena, bedight, attic, frogged, pauldrons, daubings, pneumatic (of a sigh), shotpouch, hoop-iron, boneflutes, withers strap, funhouse figures, bandylegged, stanched, bloodslaked, gibbered.

V. Bolson de Mapimi, sopilotes, legflung (of a horse), talus, rimrock, scalloped, scoria, bayonet plants, vadose, devouts, reliquary, flintknappings, ratchel, stobs, corbels, squailed, carrion birds, mealbin, ocotillo, vestibule, tabernacle, bier, grouted, wigless, terra damnata (condemned land), slag, cinderland, carreta, axletrees, tenons, Pleiades, shale, whinstone, monocline, basalt, cairns, switchbacks, piñole, sorties, escopetas, pommels, lobes, bloodbat, dredged, waifs, woodmice, bowstay, rebozos, almagre, fusils, reedy, tapeworms, trestle, carboy, mescal, parapet, calabozo, wallow (n., wallowing pool), malandered, sunblackened, serapes, porphyry, entablatures, clackdish, irate, sots, javelina, sallygate.